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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Treasury Time! Inspired Office by eggagogo on Etsy

I'm pretty sure I want everything in this treasury to go in my office. Right now I have a plastic eel, an amigurumi octopus, and a rubicks cube adorning my office desk. Perhaps it's time to think about growing up!

This felt credit card wallet by Sylvie at Lavenderharvest on Etsy is pretty awesome -- I think Heather Gray might actually be my favorite color (shade?). I always wonder how felt crafters can put together something like this and keep it sturdy enough to last!


  1. Dear Alexa,
    Lovely Blog spot.Merci featuring my wool felt wallet.
    To answer your question how to keep the shape?
    The choice of the RIGHT felt is the answer.
    A 100 % Wool felt is very sturdy and has a extarordianry form stability due to its dense manufacturing process.Extreme and intense labor is needed to produce a high quality wool felt.It will last for a very long time,if you choose the right quality felt.
    Kind Regards and Good Luck with your blog.
    Sylvie /Lavenderharvest

  2. Thanks for answering that for me, Sylvie! I guess you really do get what you pay for as far as felt goes. :)