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Sunday, May 22, 2011

5 Steps to a Dress: Sewing Pattern for a Simple Dress

This was my very first attempt at making something that resembles human clothes. I stress human clothes because I often make doll clothes for my amigurumi people (I think I've mastered the felted three piece suit). Making real-life people clothes is a lot more daunting, and I really just wanted something I could make uber fast so I could jump right in. SO here it is, a pattern adapted from One Avian Daemon's easiest shirt ever (sort of accidentally as it happens...I cut my rectangles too long).


one long rectangle of a drapey fabric
sewing machine and thread

Step 1.

Fold your fabric in half and cut to desired length and width. To find this, I laid myself out on the table and guestimated about how much fabric I would need to reach to my shoulders and down to my belt line. Make sure your folded edge is the side where you will eventually cut your neckline. In other words, the side where the two pieces meet will be the bottom of the dress.

Step 2.
Pin along the edges that you are going to sew - you want to sew the long sides together and leave a
 gap at the top for your armholes (however much you'll think you'll need). 

Step 3. 

Sew along the long sides that you just pinned, again making sure you don't sew up your armholes. I found that a baby zig zag stitch worked best. 
Step 4. 

Once you've sewn up the long edges, go to your folded over edge and cut out a neckline. I wasn't precise at all in measuring so mine came out a little wonky. If you're particular, then I suggest measuring out the neckline first.

Step 5. 

Turn the whole thing right side out and try it on! It looks a little boxy, but adding a belt or sash helps. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't own a belt, so I just used a jersey-fabric woven necklace I got from thelapdog on Etsy. 

So there ya go - a quick and simple dress for the complete beginner that actually doesn't look half bad! I think I'm going to pick up a pattern or two on my next trip to the craft store to begin tackling more designs. 

If you make your own clothes, share your own tutorials or your favorite websites for sewing technique, tips, whatever!

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